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Our 2022-23 season was very successful by all measures. By the numbers:

  • 154 individual actors, 120 families, over 300 auditions

  • 5,394 in attendance (average 300/performance)

  • 38 schools represented, 14 city/towns

  • 68 Donors

  • 8 Show/Season Sponsors

Of course this doesn't tell the whole story. We mounted for wonderful shows and created a lot of wonderful memories for the actors, families, audience and creative staff.

The season started with a smash hit in Moana JR. CWCT sold out all four of the Thanksgiving weekend shows, delighting families and providing a great foundation for the season. Rachel Hansen starred as the title character under the direction of Randy Hansen. Such a beginning!

We moved onto James and the Giant Peach and added our first school show in years. The February shows provided the largest audience of the season for a single show and under the direction of Cindi Strobel was and exciting follow-up. One notable performer, Grace Barnet (Ladybug), would come back again in Matilda as Ms. Honey (below).

We followed it up with Twinderella the Musical in April. Certainly our youngest cast of the year (47 kids at Middle School level and below), it was a great show with many roles and a lot of laughs. Who will forget Cinderella and her twin brother . . . Bob.

We just finished with Matilda the Musical, held in June. While we are still getting our metrics, this was a show that was called out for being a stellar performance. It was our only show this year to include adults, but perhaps the best story is Charlotte Walden, our Matilda, who was a first time performer with the heart of a veteran.

Add to that the fundraising events (Haunted Halloween carwash, many community meals) and you can see the reasons why this will be a season to remember.

Time to Turn the Page - Welcome 2023-24

We started our Summer Camps already this week, so we've officially turned the page. We already have more campers than we did last year and we couldn't be more excited for the lineup of shows, the additional programming we hope to provide, the new board members, the families, the kids, the community.

Thank You!

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