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Artist Showcase
Zach Bovet

Hi Zach! Let's start with the basics - how old are you and where do you go to school? Easy. I'm 10 years old and I am homeschooled.

Homeschooled? I know this is a growing part of our local community - that's very interesting. I'm curious how you got involved in theatre. What was the first show you were ever in? When was it? What do you remember.

My first show was as an Oopma Loompa in Willy Wonka. Mosinee Community Theatre did the show back in the Summer of 2022. I've seen my mom in shows and have gone before, but this was the first time I was on stage. 


What I remember most is meeting my friends Timothy (Zunker) and Issa and asking to play with them. 

That is a great aspect of being in theatre isn't it. So you're fairly new to the stage. How many shows have you been in now? If you include "Twinderella the Musical" (which we do) I have done four shows. I'm play Tommy and am also in the Ensemble.

The first one was in Willy Wonka JR (as an Oompa Loompa). Last Fall I was in Moana JR (part of the Shiny and Maui Ensembles). I recently was in James and the Giant Peach, where I was a Reporter and a Vagrant and in the Ensemble.

And do you have a favorite so far? Twinderella the Musical is my favorite show so far because I have my first speaking role!

So tell me - what other hobbies or interests do you  have outside of being on stage? Well, I love chess. I play with my mom and dad and am still trying to beat my dad! I love to build Lego sets (I’m working on a 3600 piece Bugatti right now).


My favorite food is sushi. In the summer, my mom and I bike to Masa for sushi and then to JoJo’s Jungle to play. I also love to ski with my dad and my sister and swim in the summer with my family.

Wow, that's an impressive list!

I don't know how quickly it can happen, but after doing four shows in a year, do you consider yourself a "Theatre Kid"?   Yes, I am a theatre kid! My first show, Willy Wonka with Cindi (Strobel) as the director, was super fun and I knew I wanted to do more shows!

And do you have any shows or roles that you want to do yet ?  I know Matilda the Musical is coming up and I want to do that one! I just love doing shows, so whatever is next, I want to be in it! 

That's a great attitude. That's why we're here. So which groups have you worked with?  Just the two I mentioned. My first show was with Mosinee Community Theatre and other three shows have been with CWCT.

If someone asked you "Why CWCT?" what would your answer be?  At this point there's one really good reason - I love Cindi! She is a good director! 

That is surely a ringing endorsement - we love Cindi too. So do you have a favorite theatre joke or meme you can share?

That is one thing I don't have yet. I will have to think about that.

I'm sure you will hear plenty Zach. Thanks for taking the time to speak to us today and break a leg in "Twinderella the Musical" as Tommy.

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