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Audition Form

This year we are moving to a fully "on-line" audition signup process. This is a two step process. You will first sign up for your addition slot and then fill out this form online. 

STEP 1: Select Your Audition Slot

Click the "Sign Up!" button and enter your information on the SignUpGenius Audition Page for this production. Once you are done, note your time and fill out the audition form below.

STEP 2: Fill Out Audition Form

Please fill out the information as completely below as you can. You will need to fill it out once for each actor who is going to audition as it will create individual records (ex. if you have two children who are signing up, you can not simply put down both names, but will need to fill it out twice).

This is a new process this year and we appreciate any feedback. Please send all feedback to

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