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Summer Camp

Ages 13-18

The Script Return

Workshop for ages 13-18 (July 17-21,1-4PM) - $150
Final performance for parents on Friday 


The Script Return is a brand-new, hilarious one act play. Cast size is flexible, anywhere from 5 to 25 people. That means everyone is guaranteed a role.

Participants in the workshop will be responsible (under supervision) for all costumes, props, and set pieces as a part of the workshop. This Hitchcock-ian thriller, in the style of 39 Steps, has lots of physical comedy and action, and Easter eggs referencing 20 different iconic musicals (can you find them all?).  

Musical Theater Teacher Miss Walters forgot to return her perusal script of Annie Junior. She thought it would be fine. She thought wrong. When a hit squad from MTW (Musical Theater Worldwide) arrives on her doorstep asking questions, she does the only logical thing she can: flee the country. Thus begins a thrilling international chase where the embattled musical theater teacher tries to stay one step ahead of the goons, complete with train chases, parachuting out of airplanes, snowmobile chases, and possibly falling in love with mysterious European men.

PARTICIPANTS in this year's HS Theatre Camp will be eligible to be a part of a creative team for one of our mainstage shows. 

For those who are serious!
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