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2023-24 Board of Directors

What Does it take?

CWCT has been around for over 40 years. We have delighted audiences and provided opportunities for countless families and their children to grow in understanding and appreciation through theatre.

We are always looking for ways to make CWCT grow and thrive. There is truly so much that can be done. 

We rely on countless volunteers for all we do. The planning, direction and the day-to-day operation is done through a very special volunteer group, our Board of Directors. Our 2023-24 board is working on a number of great things for our kids, our families and our community. If you have an interest in learning more - or joining yourself, make sure you reach out. 

2023-24 Board Members

TOP ROW (Left to Right)
Randy Hansen

Katie Trzebiatowski

Theresa Laughlin

Dale Burgess

Curtis McElhaney

BOTTOM ROW (Left to Right)
Patricia Chicha-Rodriguez

Leif Christianson

Lindsey Kersten

Lauran Roble

Tiffany Tatro

2023-24 Executive Positions

PRESIDENT - Curtis McElhaney

VICE-PRES   - Katie Trzebiatowski

TREASURER - Randy Hansen

SECRETARY - Tiffany Tatro

Board Responsibilities

Financial oversight of CWCT in line with our stated Mission

Governance oversight of the organization and volunteers

Fundraising Promotion and Direction

Programming Direction, Staffing and Promotion

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