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Go Behind the Scenes

Interested in the performing arts? Want to know more about what it takes to produce a show? Consider volunteering at Central Wisconsin Children’s Theatre for a behind-the-scenes glance at what we do!

We have many opportunities for volunteers to get involved! If you’re looking for a chance to hone your leadership skills, practice a hobby that you normally don’t have time for or are looking to put some hours towards community service, CWCT is the place for you!

Parents of cast members are encouraged to participate in our organization, but we also encourage young adults and community members to get involved. In addition to the learning experiences that our organization offers, you’ll have the chance to meet new people, work as a team towards a very rewarding goal and learn about all different aspects of theatre. (Plus, this experience looks GREAT on resumes or applications!)

Here are some ways that YOU can get involved today! Call 715-298-2119, email us at, or check out our Volunteer Form to sign up! Have volunteer hours to log? Use our easy online form.

Show your interest Here

Log Volunteer Hours Here


– Assist office staff with the distribution of posters and other marketing aids

– Advocate for sponsorships and donations on behalf of CWCT from community organizations

– Assist with selling advertising space in our program


– Assist with fundraising events held by CWCT

– Assist with the publicizing of the event by distributing promotional materials about the event

– Assist with decorations and scheduling as needed

Set Building

– Assist the Set Designer with set ideas

– Build the set according to Set Designer/Director plans

– Assist with the painting of set pieces or backdrops

– Assist with the transporting of set pieces or backdrops


– Assist the Costume Designer with costume ideas

– Assist with finding materials or costumes to fit the show needs

– Assist with sewing or altering costumes for individual cast members

– Help transport costumes from CWCT space to performance space and back


– Assist with sorting through CWCT’s prop room for suitable props for the show

– Purchase new props as needed or arrange for the renting/borrowing of necessary props

Hair/Make Up

– Assist cast members with stage makeup before each performance

– Assist cast members with hair styling needs before each performance

– Organize and transport all materials during the final week of rehearsal

Stage Crew

– Assist with moving set into the performance venue

– Assist with moving set on and off the stage during the performance (at direction of Stage Manager)

– Manage the opening and closing of the curtains throughout the show

Tech Crew

– Assist the Technical Director

– Assist with spotlights or running the light/sound board as needed/directed

– Supervise the use of microphones and assist cast members with battery changes as needed


– All Parents of cast are required to monitor

– Attend rehearsals/performances to supervise cast members

– Enforce rules of the venue and maintain order/control

Show Day Meal

– Make arrangements for families to bring dishes to pass

– Set up, take down and clean up on the day of the meal

Load In/Strike

– All Parents of cast are required to assist with Load in/Strike

– Assist with moving set into the performance venue

– Assist with the dis-assembling of set during strike and load into vehicles for transport back to CWCT


– Purchase and organize concessions and/or merchandise

– Assist with table set up and take down before and after each show

– Assist with the seating of audience members

– Distribute programs before each performance

– Manage sales of concessions and/or merchandise

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