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There are many reasons to volunteer for CWCT and we hope you have found your niche. We ask you to record your time volunteering so that we have good information. This is something we are requested to provide at times to various groups. Donors want to know about the robustness of our organization. Grant forms often ask for numbers of people and hours of volunteering for similar reasons. We do not present peoples names or information to outside groups. Asking for you to provide a name is so that you can be credited inside CWCT.


We are working to improve our effectiveness and this online form is part of that process. So please record your hours whenever you volunteer on the following form. Thank You!


– Purchase and organize concessions and/or merchandise

– Assist with table set up and take down before and after each show

– Assist with the seating of audience members

– Distribute programs before each performance

– Manage sales of concessions and/or merchandise

*We are currently searching for individuals to join the CWCT Board of Directors. If you are interested, please email

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