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Artist Showcase
Charlotte Zahn

It is always exciting when you get a chance to talk with someone who is new to CWCT, is new to Theatre and this month we get to do that with our interview of Charlotte. Oh - one more thing - she was cast in the lead role  of Matilda for our upcoming performance of Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical, on stage June 16-19.

Charlotte, welcome. I'm so glad we have this opportunity to get to know you a little better. I understand this is actually your first time in a musical, Is that correct? Yes, that's true. I do love singing though. Mom says I've been doing it since I was really little. Its always fun to sing and dance around the house.

It sounds like their might be a bit of a story there. Could you let us know what happened?

Sure. I really wanted to take voice lessons (I think my parents were hoping for piano). So they put me in voice lessons this Spring with Lynette Mort (voice instructor in Marshfield). Almost immediately, she asked me if had ever thought about trying out for plays and mentioned that CWCT had auditions coming up for Matilda. I thought that was a great idea (I hadn't really ever thought about it before). So we worked on a song to audition with - "Naughty" from the show.

Wow, talk about timing. So you obviously had a very good audition. What can you tell me about the experience?

I was so nervous to audition! I had never done one, so I didn't know exactly what to expect. I can't lie, I maybe cried a little after. I really wanted to do well and I wasn't sure I had. Mom and Dad said were proud of me for trying and that it took a ton of courage to get up and sing, act and dance in front of others. I know that's true, but it is still hard.


And then I couldn't believe it when my mom said someone at her work saw the cast list and I was on it! I was so excited!

That is a cool story. So lets back up just a little. You seem so comfortable with all of this - how old are you and where do you go to school? I'm currently 10 and I'm just finishing the fourth grade at Loyal Elementary School in Loyal. Mom works in Loyal, so that's where I go. We live in Marshfield.

That's really interesting. So if you've never been in a show, but you love singing and dancing, can you tell me who are your favorite musicians? 

I do love musical "movies". I like that music (especially Matilda and Annie). My absolute favorite singer though is Olivia Rodrigo. My all-time favorites of hers are "Traitor", "Driver’s License", and "Good 4 U".  Cool story, I got surprised with a signed album from her for Christmas. I was shocked! I also love Taylor Swift

So you've got a range of music you like. I happen to like Annie and Matilda as well. So, you've been in the show for a while now. Have you met any new theatre friends?

I've met LOTS of new friends!  The actor playing Bruce (think cake), Andrew Wojcik, and sister Kate Wojcik are actually neighbors of mine that I didn’t know. I love everyone in the show and I can't wait to get to rehearsal and see everyone! Everyone is so great.

That's good to hear. I think we hear that from most of our cast members. Everyone who is here wants to be and theatre is something we have in common. 

I'm wondering what kinds of hobbies you have. Also, what kinds of things you and your family do.

My favorite hobbies are painting my nails and putting on fake nails, making bead bracelets, reading, talking to friends, and photography. Oh, and I'm big into fashion, really old stuff from the 1980’s (ouch). I'm also starting to get into skateboarding.

For my family, we love to be outside - mountain biking, hiking and stuff like that. We play board games and card games. We also like to travel and see new places.

Again, wow! That is a huge list of things you like and do. (At this point we asked her mom, Jennifer Walden, to add a little insight). - So, Jennifer, what do you make of Charlotte's involvement and CWCT as a whole?

We had not heard of CWCT before the audition!  I’m glad we discovered this gem of a place.  It’s amazing for kids to be able to experience and partake in theater locally. 

As for Charlotte, she has amazed us with her dedication and perseverance to playing Matilda.  She practices nonstop, and never tires.  She is in her element, doing what she loves the best!

I helped out a bit backstage and with costumes in college for a couple of plays, but this is an extra level of involvement.

We are so proud of her for being brave enough to audition, so excited for her to have an opportunity to do something she clearly enjoys and thankful that we live in Central Wisconsin.

(Now, back to Charlotte). So Charlotte, I don't know if you've had enough time for this, but we ask everyone we interview if they are a theatre kid and if they have a theatre joke or meme to share?

I'm not sure. I know I like the show and I think I might want to do it again (sounds very theatre kid). I don't have any theatre jokes yet. (fair enough).

Thank you Charlotte (and Jennifer) for taking the time for this interview. We are all excited for the upcoming performance of Matilda and look forward to seeing you on stage for years to come.

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