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Volunteer & Costumer
Amy Fronek


Amy, I was hoping to interview you as one of our volunteers - do you have some time?

Hah, that's hilarious (no, I'm actually asking). OK, I can give you a few minutes - I'm in the midst of costuming for James and the Giant Peach and we have a bit of a time crunch.

Thank you. I was hoping to find out how long you've been involved in theatre and how it happened?

I've been involved for quite a while. I really think my being involved was when I was in a couple of high school shows. I also was involved in "The Music Man" for Wausau Community Theatre. I have been involved on and off ever since.

That's cool. So, when and how did you get connected to CWCT?

I started my involvement back in 2004. Joelle Murray (former Executive Director) reached out to me and asked me if I would costume an upcoming production of "Stuart Little". I've been connected ever since. I served on the Board of Directors two different times, so you could say that I have some familiarity with CWCT. 

So all you do is help out with CWCT 😉? Certainly you do other things. What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of this?

Along with doing costuming for CWCT (as well as for DC Everest and others), I enjoy golfing in the summer, Curling in the winter and when I can, visiting my kids in Minneapolis and Los Angeles. 

That's really interesting. It sounds like you never rest. So, with the almost 20 years of connection with CWCT, do you have any things about it that are extra special? Any moment that stands out?
That's something of a loaded question. I have a lot of special moments - and every show adds to those moments. I think what I can say is more about what really makes for those special moments for me - I get to be involved with performers who are growing up right in front of my eyes. It’s fun to watch them grow from young new actors to confident adults making their way in the world today. I have a great seat on that ride. Often these performers come back to CWCT to help with productions (do I hear Circle of Life?).

Amy - Curling 

I do remember one time when we were producing Disney's High School Musical, we were invited to perform our show outdoors at the Port Washington "Fish Festival". So fun for everyone involved! Personally I think they were hoping for "Hannah Montana", but they could only afford us 😁.

Amy, you've done a lot for CWCT. What is the reason?

There are many, but I think that CWCT is an important organization for our area because it helps young people develop self-confidence. I've seen so many positive changes in the young people who have come through here over the years.

I think CWCT is a great organization - It is run by a dedicated and caring Board of Directors and that means it will keep being relevant. It is a great place to volunteer and to work with young people.

That is so nice. The kids love you and I think there is a reason why they sometimes call you Mamma. One last question - Do you have a meme or Theatre joke you can share?
Sure. This one makes me laugh/cringe - partly because it is so true. If I'm ever costuming you, you will know.

I have and I do know. I even know about a jar for those who don't take care of a costume. Thank you for talking to us today - now, back to work Mamma. 

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