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Alumni Council

What Does it take?

CWCT has been around for over 40 years. We have delighted and provided opportunities for countless families and their children to grow in understanding and appreciation through theatre.

We have been looking for ways to make connections to CWCT continue. There is so much that can be done. 

One way we believe is through an alumni council. We were discussing it earlier this year with members of the Wisconsin Arts Board and the possibilities were exciting. Everything that happens starts with a beginning. We will be planning for some discussion sessions this summer. Here are some of the ideas below that could be a part of it. Interested? Reach out to and let us know to reach out when we start planning discussions summer of 2023. 

Historical Archives

– We have years of stories, shows, pictures and memories. Some are at the building and some rest with our alumni.


– We believe this will help us to reconnect as well as help our younger contributors to see the value of staying connected. 

Recognition Service

– We have many people who are or have been connected to CWCT over the years and would like a way to recognize them.

– We see this as a way to continue to tell the story of what CWCT means to our community and to individual growth.

Building Fundraising

– For as long as CWCT has been an organization, part of the thinking has always been to grow. This should never change.

– We think that our alumni are in the best position to help us determine where and how to continue to grow CWCT


– Not every person who comes through our doors is destined to make theatre their life's work, but some are. We believe we can provide some support for those who might go on to bring our mission to the world.

– Creating, funding and then distributing scholarships would be a way for taking our experiences and projecting them to those who come next.

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