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Making a Great Board of Directors (for CWCT)

Every nonprofit group is looking for a fantastic Board of Directors - and we're no exception.

CWCT thrives off the efforts of our volunteers and the board that provides vision, direction and a lot of work. In reading a recent article (and I've read many) on what makes a fantastic Board of Directors, I was given 14 characteristics that would do that.

  • The board's focus is on the big picture

  • Job descriptions are utilized and include fundraising and annual giving

  • Board member term limits are set and honored.

  • The board meets on an appropriate schedule, with committees doing most work.

  • High attendance and participation.

  • Succession planning is in place.

  • The board evaluates the CEO or Executive Director annually.

  • Strategic Planning and tracking of plans

  • Board members act as advocates and ambassadors in the community.

  • The board creates & votes on a budget annually and ensures a financial responsibility.

  • Annual training on important governance & fundraising needs to members every year.

  • Board members vet future members before they join.

  • The board and staff are evaluated annually.

  • Organizational outcomes are measured, shared, and used to solicit and steward donors.

That's an impressive list. I then looked at another article that provided the qualities that make a great member of such a Board. They had 9 qualities that would do that.

  • Passion for the Cause

  • Eagerness to Participate

  • Preparedness for Events

  • Excitement for Committees

  • Expression of Ideas

  • Curiosity to Learn

  • Desire for Stewardship and Service

  • Creativity and Innovation

  • Communication Skills.

But what does CWCT Need? I don't know about you, but in the real world, we may not have EVERYTHING. So when looking for new board members for this year, what are the most important to me? Passion for CWCT's mission. That doesn't change. If you're passionate about what CWCT does, then you will be able to step up and step in from time to time and whatever you can do will reinforce all our work.

Curiosity and Desire. You want to help and are willing to learn. Very few people know what they need to do right away, but if you're ready to get better, there will always be someone who can help.

Participation in activities. There are so many things that can be done, but they need people to do them. Whether its running a committee, a fund-raiser, or the box office at a performance, getting involved and DOING goes a very long way.

Financial Stewardship. Maintaining a building, putting on a show, expanding programming and opportunities, reaching out to the community - it all requires some financial investment. Understanding that helps when you talk to donors about sponsoring the mission. It makes the efforts we undertake understandable. It deepens your connection to the group.

Are you that person - Do you know someone who is? We are at that time of year where we are looking for more people to join us. Maybe you're ready, maybe you know someone who is. If so, send us a request to come to an upcoming meeting and talk with those that have already made the commitment. The board can be reached at Interested in who is currently serving? Go to the BOARD webpage and see.

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