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Volunteer & Tech
Doug Martin

Doug, to say you're an institution when it comes to the "Tech Crew" would be an understatement. Just how long have you been involved in theatre and the performing arts? To be honest? As long as I can remember. My dad (Dave Martin - upper right of the photo below) bought me to the scene shop at Wausau Community Theatre (WCT) when I was . . . 3? He was the master carpenter/technical director for a one of their shows.

So, you have been around forever - that has to be so cool. OK, so, somewhere along the line you started working with CWCT, right? Sure. I believe I started volunteering at CWCT because Lee Will (pictured upper left of the photo) needed help with a project. 

(Doug and Lee working on a prop at UWMC)

So, when you're not doing tech somewhere - what are your hobbies? 

To start with, I love what I'm doing. I work for everyone in the area, then hop over to the Fox Valley or anywhere else that I have an opportunity. Lots of stories. Remember me ripping up my hands the other year - man that hurt (I cringe, because I do remember and it looked grim).

Oh yeah, hobbies. Two big ones for me - Wausau West Football (also watching all Wisconsin sports teams really) and country music concerts. 

(Doug with other techs at the Grand Theater in Wausau)


So, is there something really cool you ever got to do that didn't involve tech? 

Hard, to say, because it was some really cool tech (just not the theater kind). I got to drive the Penske/Ryder truck. Can't beat that. 

I hear what you're saying. One final question - what would you tell people about CWCT? Why should we get involved - like you?

What makes children’s theater important is it gets kids involved in theater at an early age.  I want people to know that children’s theater is fun!!!

Doug, thanks for taking the time to do this interview - and
I speak for everyone when I say this - Thank you for all you do!

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