“Voices” grew out of a desire of artists and mentors of CWCT’s Penguin Project to continue to make music and be together. Since Julie Burgess was vocal director for that group, she decided to create just that very thing.

Now this group meets, sings and grows together. Whether and artist or mentor (or newcomer), all of us are singers and we sing joyously together for the love of it. Our goals are:

The Making of Music
The Growth of the Group
The Growth of the Individual
Learning to Sing Together and
From Oratorios to Broadway Ballads, we work toward becoming the best we can be.
Bella Voce meets ONCE weekly for 45 minutes
Concert performances are in December and May
We are a choir of kids with special needs/challenges, and we love to sing. We have mentors that help us and sing with us and we do all kinds of fun music. JOIN US!
Choir is of NO COST to singers other than the purchase of your music, which you then may keep!