“Ballade” (or song) is a wonderful description for this middle level (6 – 8 grades, unchanged voices) auditioned group. We work to deepen our understanding and love for music, while singing interesting songs from around the world. Our goals are:

The Making of Music
The Growth of the Group
The Growth of the Individual
Learning to Sing Together and
From Oratorios to Broadway Ballads, we work toward becoming the best we can be.
Ballade meets ONCE weekly for 1 1/2 hours.
Gives singers from all area middle schools the chance to sing TOGETHER
Possible Madrigal event in December, Caroling at the Grand
This choir is for students who love to sing and want more choral music outside of their school opportunities
Concert performances generally in December and May
Choir is of NO COST to singers other than the purchase of your music, which you then may keep!