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Artist Showcase

Elise Laughlin


Elise, I have been seeing you all over the place this year.
It seems like you've been around forever - how old are you now?

I am 17 years old now and I'm a senior at Wausau West HS.

Really? Seems like you should be older and younger at the same time. What was that first show you were in? Is there anything you remember about it that you'd like to share?


My first show was Aristocats with CWCT. I was part of the ensemble, and I did the show with my sister. I was young, so I was in a group which was similar to the Tiny Ocean Dancers for Moana JR coming up. I really enjoyed it. So much so that I haven’t stopped since!

So you've been with it a long time. Tell me, how many shows have you done and were there any favorite parts for you?

Was there a point when you said I'm a "theatre kid"?

If so, what makes someone a theatre kid?

In middle school I was doing every single CWCT show in a season. I was always at rehearsal and sometimes I was doing more than one show at the same time. I was doing 4 or 5 shows in a year and that pretty much solidified that I was a theater kid. However, I think that a minute that you audition for a show you become a theater kid. It is such an easy thing to fall in love with, that once you start it’s incredibly hard to stop. I cannot picture my life without theater.


Do you have any favorite shows? Which ones and what made them favorites?
Sure, my favorite shows so far have been "Newsies" with CWCT and "Cats" with CWETA. Both of these shows have a special place in my heart because of the long-lasting relationships that I made during the process on those shows.

I have been in over 35 productions. Most recently I was involved with WWHS's "Anastasia" (Anya), CWETA's production of "Cats" (Jellylorum), and this past summer in WCT's production of "Pippin" (Catherine).

This fall I have been cast as "Bea" in Wausau West HS’s production of

"Something Rotten". Stay tuned for tickets and information on that show.


Where are all the places you perform (because is seems like everywhere)?

You're not wrong. I have performed throughout the area. I have done shows with WCT, CWETA, MCT, Wausau West Drama, and of course CWCT. I have also been involved in plenty of other groups such as Wausau West Master Singers and the Central Wisconsin Jerry Ensemble.


Do you have a show or role you would really like to do? Can you tell us why?
I would love to play Fantine in "Les Miserables". It is such a classic show and I would argue one of the greatest musicals of all time. The music is top notch. Not only is it beautiful, but it is difficult. That makes it more fun and impressive to perform. Add to that, Fantine is an amazing character with so many layers and a tragic storyline which is so intriguing as an actress.

 If someone asked you "Why CWCT?" what would you say?
CWCT is such an open and accepting place. There is room for everyone there. I don’t think that you can say that about many places. CWCT is one place that I am absolutely sure of. It was truly the best environment for me to grow up in and I believe that CWCT is like a second home to theater kids like me.


That's a powerful statement Elise.

OK, our final question - do you have a theater related joke or meme for me?

If you don’t like musicals because people don’t just bust into song and dance in real life, then
you haven’t been to my house.

I couldn't agree more Elise. Thank you for your time and can't wait to catch you on stage this year.

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