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Artist Showcase
Eli Traska

Eli, you've played a few adults onstage, just how old are you?
Actually I'm 11 years old. I just finished the 5th grade at Riverside

Elementary in the DC Everest School District. Now I'm on to

DC Everest Middle School.

Hard to believe. OK, so when was your first show? What was your first CWCT Show?

My first ever show was as a child extra in the DC Everest Performing Arts production of Elf JR. Of course, then everything stopped, so my next part - also a Christmas show was Rudolph JR. for CWCT. I followed that up with Mr. Lambchop in Flat Stanley JR. Just this last March.

So, are you taking the Summer off? Heck no. I'm using my extra time to be more involved. I did summer school and was Captain in "Pirates 2 - The Hidden Treasure". I am also doing CWCT's summer acting camp and WCM's summer camp. 

That's a lot - anything else? Sure. Back during spring break, I did a "Wonka Day Camp" with the Mosinee Community Theater. The show seemed like it would be very fun with all the music and the costumes. I also met Cindi Strobel who was leading the camp (also CWCT's Summer Camps) and is directing the show. She is very fun to work with. So I decided to try out and I got in - I'm "Augustus Gloop".

That sounds great. Tell me all about the show. It's coming up, right? It's exciting

and I'm working really hard on my German accent for the role. It's coming along nicely if I do say so myself. I'm even learning to make the song lyrics have the correct dialect. 

The show is at the Creske Center in Mosinee August 5 - 7 (four shows). Come and see us - guaranteed you won't be disappointed. (PURCHASE TICKETS HERE)


You're a convincing salesman - like Harold Hill. Speaking of other roles, are there any that you've started thinking would be fun or challenging? There are a lot of shows and parts I'd like to be involved with. "Patrick" (Spongebob the Musical), "Oaken" (Frozen), "King George" (Hamilton), maybe "Aladdin" or "Genie" (Aladdin). So many, maybe too many to mention. 

Fair Enough. With all of the things going on, can I ask you what you would say if someone asked you about CWCT?  You should join CWCT because you have the chance to try new things in a safe space. Your acting buddies become like family and will fill your soul when you need it.


At CWCT, I learned it’s okay to be myself. I learned the determination and perseverance needed to have a lead role. Oh, and I learned that auditioning with Elton John songs might land you a callback (wink)!

So, are you a theater nerd (kid)? I never want to be a stereotype, yet I enjoy all the aspects of the theatre. While acting and singing are my main enjoyment, does that make me a “theatre kid”? Or that I would love to run lights or a soundboard orplay in a pit orchestra. Maybe yes, I’m probably a theatre kid at heart.

Final thing - do you have a theater related joke or meme for me? Here's a historical one for you - Why did former president Barak Obama, ask Lin Manuel Miranda and the cast of Hamilton come to the White House?
. . . Because presidents don't fare well at theaters.

Thanks, Eli, for the interview. We appreciate the time and look forward to seeing you on stage really soon!

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